DENR 4A’s ‘Daluy-Nungan’ Drive Inspires Kids to be Environmental Advocates

DENR 4A’s ‘Daluy-Nungan’ Drive Inspires Kids to be Environmental Advocates Capture3

The pledge for the environment. Pupils of Buenavista-Cigaras Elementary School, Sta. Cruz, Laguna vow to taking care of the environment during the “Daluy-Nungan” education and awareness campaign of the DENR4A-MBCO held September 18, 2017.

           Monday morning and rain was not falling. It was the day to declare that, finally, the sun was out because it had been raining for weeks due to the Tropical Depression Maring.

         It was September 18, 2017 and the environmental warriors of the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) CALABARZON-Manila Bay Coordinating Office (DENR4A-MBCO) were set to visit the Buenavista-Cigaras Elementary School in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, one of the areas affected by Maring.

          Dressed on their uniforms, seated on semi-perfectly aligned chairs, clustered by grade levels, more than 300 Grades 4 to 6 pupils greeted the DENR4A-MBCO with warm smiles and clapping hands. They were having heavy anticipations for the visitors -- for what will happen, and for what will they learn; it was evident in their eyes.

          Armed with slide presentations, informative tarpaulins, creative stickers, short film showing and a heart of an eco-warrior, the DENR4A-MBCO conducted the “Daluy-Nungan” or Flow of Knowledge education and awareness campaign with the students and teachers. The event generally aimed to impart to the youth the importance of a healthy and secure environment, and to inculcate in them a sense of environmental responsibility.

         DENR4A-MBCO Deputy Site Manager Cynthia Rozaldo said the activity particularly intended to increase the awareness of the students on the importance of the Manila Bay and its rehabilitation, and hopefully make them partners in this advocacy.

         Manila Bay is a semi-enclosed estuary located at the southwest portion of Luzon, a major island of the Philippines. Pasig River, one of the main contributory water bodies of the bay, is connected to the Laguna de Bay, the “largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia”, encompassing the provinces of Laguna and Rizal.

        The bay has a rich historical background from Muslim era, Spanish colonization, American invasion, and to other post-war stories. As a matter of fact, the basin remains essential because it is still the source of livelihood and basic needs of Filipinos living near the area. Also, it is known for its breathtaking sunset view on the stretch of early 5 PM to late 6 PM. Most say that the full glory of the golden sun is best viewed along the Roxas Boulevard and the Esplanade area near the Mall of Asia.

        However, because of household and industrial wastewater, solid wastes, overfishing, exploitative use of its resources, surface runoff of harmful chemicals from agricultural sites, and even natural hazards and disasters, the bay now is considered ruined and degraded.

          Thus, the government established a plan called the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy to save and recover the said estuary in order to function at its possible finest again. This plan has become the basis of the DENR4A-MBCO team in creating a short film depicting the lives of residents living near the cove so as to bring to children’s consciousness the bay’s situation and the importance of rehabilitating it.

         The activity was timely as many of the students were affected by flood during the recent tropical depression. Two of them were Raymart Danez and Raffy Rigodon. They said the flood originated from the river and went through their houses from knee high to above the head. They said that it was an overnight situation -- the flood slowly subsided back to where it came from.

         According to Rosette Ballesteros, a grade-five adviser, their school conducts programs themed with environmental awareness. She stated that during their Press Conference or Journalism Day, they direct selected students to write essays and articles, create posters and slogans, recite poems and speech choir pieces, sing songs relative to nature and organize workshop led by parents and teachers association of recycling recyclable materials. They sell their outputs and add them to school’s organization fund for newsletter production. Aside from the conducted programs, she said that environmental awareness is often included in their science and EPP (Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan) subjects.

         The student council president Kriztian Solmore wrote an essay pertaining to his point of views regarding the proper segregation of garbages and the importance of the universal concept “4Rs”. He said that he already knew that he, together with his co-students, have the responsibility to look after the environment.

        “Ang Republic Act No. 9003 o Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 ang batas na nagsasaad na kung sinoman ang nagtapon ng basura sa paligid ay magbabatad ng halagang Php. 300.00. Tulungan nating mga bata ang mga organisasyon gaya ng DENR sa pag-aalaga ng kalinisan at kalikasan. Tayo ang pag-asa ng bayan. Tayo na at iligtas ang Manila Bay at iba pang lugar sa polusyon at basura”, he stated.

        When the program was concluded, when visual aids were being untaped, and things were being placed on boxes, kids ran to Rozaldo and hugged her. She reciprocated the hugs and said, “Huwag niyong kakalimutan iyong natutunan niyo ngayon ha. Lagi niyong isa-puso at isa-isip.”

         The 2017 Daluy-Nungan, or “Flow of Knowledge”, activity of the DENR4A-MBCO was also undertaken in Bukal Elementary School, and Suba Elementary School Main and Annex (Munting Kawayan) in Majayjay, Laguna; and in Plaridel Elementary School and Crisanto Guysayko Elementary School in Nagcarlan, Laguna, from September 19-22.


Highlights of RED Gilbert C. Gonzales' Message during the DENR CALABARZON New Year's Call on January 6, 2020

Jan 23


             DENR CALABARZON Regional Executive Director Gilbert C. Gonzales begins his message by acknowledging the 2019 accomplishments of CALABARZON officials as he called the names of the Regional Directors for Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB), Environment and Management Bureau (EMB), Assistant Regional Directors (ARDs) as well as the Division heads, Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officers (PENROs), and Community Environment and Natural Resources Officers (CENROs) together with their Technical Services Division (TSD) and Management Services Division (MSD) Heads. He mentioned that most of the key officials had served the DENR for a longer period, thus, became experts and legends in accomplishing the targets of Region IV-A. Noting that all officials of CALABARZON are indeed responsible and dependable.


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