Cavinti cave as ecotourism destination pushed by local execs



Dr. Domingo Bravo, (4th from right) Department of Environment and Natural Resources –Region 4A CALABARZON Regional Technical Director for Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service (PAWCZMS), examines the stalactite formations inside the Cavinti Cave during a visit to the natural resource with representatives from the local governments of Mauban and Sampaloc, province of Quezon  and Cavinti, province of Laguna; Laguna and Cavinti Police Office; and the CALABARZON offices of the Departments of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and Tourism (DOT) on October 17. The cave has been classified as Class II, open for ecotourism subject to observance of relevant rules and regulations, and seasonal closure due to flooding inside the cave. Reiterating DENR Region 4A CALABARZON Regional Director Reynulfo Juan, Bravo cautioned, as of yet, the promotion of the cave system as an ecotourism destination without first completing the a comprehensive cave management and development plan which is basic in the preservation of the natural resource and the conservation of the biodiversity in the area. He was pleased with the positive development on the involvement of the local governments of the three adjoining municipalities which has jurisdiction over the area in the management of the cave and the watershed which hosts it. The DOT said the Cavinti Cave System is a candidate ecotourism destination of the region which conform with the categories for the selection of priority sites such as its physical attributes, ecotourism products, social preparedness, market, institutional aspect and accessibility. The DPWH made an assessment with the DOT under a convergence program on the access road realignment with the tourism road improvement criteria. The provincial Police Office provides security for tourists and personnel and for a loner term of involvement proposed to establish a jungle training camp adjacent to the ecotourism destination for accessibility and prompter response in case of need for police assistance. With Bravo during the cave visit were Cavinti Mayor Milbert Oliveros, Cavinti Municipal Engineer Ariel De Leon, Sampaloc Councilor Marvin Torres, Mauban Councilor Andrew Andrada, Engr. Jo Baquiran of DPWH and Mr. Mario Daga of DOT.