Sierra Madre hot wood confiscated in Gen Nakar, Quezon



A total of 515 pieces of abandoned lumber and flitches, with an aggregate volume of 13,318.83 board feet were retrieved from the waters of Magnac River in Sitio Magnac, Brgy. Maligaya in General Nakar, Quezon by a composite team of anti-illegal logging operatives from the DENR Calabarzon Regional Mobile Checkpoint Team, Oplan Mauban-Real-Infanta-Gen.Nakar-Umiray-Aurora-Polillio Group of Islands (MAREINAUA-POGI) Team, 1st Platoon of the Quezon Police’s Provincial Public Safety Company, Charlie Coy of the 1st IB, 2ID of the Philippine Army in a sweeping operation recently. Team leader, DENR-Real chief Forester Miliarete Panaligan, (at foreground, right photo) supervised the hauling of the illegal forest products to the barangay hall compound and put these under the custody of Barangay Chairman Macario Borreo. Panaligan, who acted on a text message from an informer, lamented the unabated rape of the Sierra Madre forests and expressed outrage when nobody within the vicinity of the retrieval site would claim the wood or come out and provide information as to the identity of the owners of forest products. She said, “We have the wood but we have nobody to punish for the rape of the forest.” She further said she would encourage them to reform and help rehabilitate the forest instead by simply eyeing on other income generating activities, or get involved in the government’s National Greening Program. She expressed apprehension that more trees will fall down from the Sierra Madre as the election nears and renewed her appeal to contending politicians to refrain from securing their election campaign by cutting more trees from the public forests.