Contraband kamagong and narra wood intercepted in Mauban, Quezon




Real (Quezon) Community Environment and Natural Resources Office chief Forester Miliarete Panaligan inspects a pile of kamagong (scientific name: Diospyros blancoi) part of some 182 pieces of kamagong and narra (Pterocarpus indicus) flitches concealed among nipa plants in Brgy. Tapucan, Mauban, Quezon in an operation over the weekend. The contraband wood was presumed to have come from Polillio Island or from as far as Isabela in Region 2. Miliarete confirmed what that the find was a result of two months of surveillance operations conducted with the team of Quezon Police Public Safety Company commander Police Sr. Superintendent Nimrod Balgemino, CENRO Pagbilao led by Forester Ramil Gutierez (both not in photo) and with support from concerned citizens who provided information. Balgemino said that the ‘operation’ was first to ‘deny the source’ or prevent trees from being cut, but failed on this. hence, the second step was ‘blocking the route’ and succeeded in intercepting the contraband wood and in the third step as well  which is cutting the market. The 182 pieces—139 pieces of narra with an estimated volume of 3,864.11 bd.ft., and 43 pieces of kamagong with estimated volume of 1,088.25 bd.ft., or a total of 4,952.36 bd.ft.—are now deposited at the DENR-Quezon depository area in Tayabas, Quezon.