Gender and Development Mainstreaming CY 2011


Gender and Development Mainstreaming

GAD was given preferential attention by appropriating a certain amount through the budgetary imposition. Activities undertaken includes the maintenance of database and participation to the different environmental events. Mainstreaming of Gender and Development in CBFM Projects was tacked, lectures and different livelihood was practiced. Positive responses from the personnel who benefitted from the project were solicited.

Gender equality and development is always given consideration and mainstreamed or integrated in every sector. Office always makes sure that the female clienteles were given as much preferential attention as males in the implementation of different programs, projects and activities as well as their participation in the various environmental related endeavors. For this purpose, accomplishment of this office always identifies the total number of male and female beneficiaries as well as the participants to the different environmental activities.

Other activities undertaken for this were the following:

· Participation to Women’s month Activities;


-Office Clean-up, Great Women Project Seminar, Lecture on Ecotourism Workshop and Planning

-Exhibit of different products of DENR CALABARZON Region known as Tiangihan sa Parking Area. It was also exhibited and displayed and sold different products with regards to health and wellness of individuals such as food supplements, beauty products, massage products, eco-friendly household products and others ;

-Lecture-Forum on healthy breakfast, good health and healthy diets on March 17, 2011 attended by 31 officials and employees. During the day, a total 82 personnel at the region office availed of the free body composition and inner scan where the following body mass index can be determined: body fat, body water, muscle mass physique rating, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, bone mass and visceral fat.


-a Lecture-forum on Greenlife for Optimum Health was also conducted and attended by 25 employees of the region. During the lecture-forum, it was emphasized by the speakers the importance of back to basic which is the herbal products and readily available leafy and nutritious vegetables in our farms such as uray, talbos ng sili, talbos ng kamote, saluyot and natural sweeteners stevia.


-Lecture – presentation on perfect science to good health, the secret of staying good looking, beautiful and younger on March 21, 2011 which was attended by 25 employee-participants. It was discussed that a person has a certain glutathione in our cells which protects us from any harmful agent of the environments as free radicals. When we aged, glutathione in the cells decreases thereby subjecting ourselves and our body to less immunity which makes us very prune to different illnesses. To remedy our health condition, we have to boost glutathione in our cells.

-A presentation on eco-friendly products was also attended by all Administrative Officers of the DENR field Offices of CALABARZON and selected officials and employees on March 23, 2011. A company which is the Diamond Lifestyle Corporation has presented an ecofriendly products. All their household products are all natural or organic such as Natural Laundry Powder, Natural detergent for fruits and vegetables, natural dishwashing liquid, natural bath soaps with herbal additives. Likewise, food supplements for good health were also available and discussed its benefits on our health such as for our cardio-vascular health, bone health, eye health and many more.


⇒ Free-eye check-up was facilitated and a total of 72 personnel benefited


· Conduct lectures in latest issuances pertaining to GAD and issues on Women and Development;

· Undertake wellness seminar programs for DENR-CALABARZON Staff;

· Institute gender responsive data generation on data management including systems development and maintenance;

· Continuous sex disaggregated data in personnel component and in all conducted programs and

· Capacity building of women participants in different ENR Projects; and

· Encouraging women to participate in various DENR Projects