•  Project 1: Policy Options for Foreshore (FS) Area Management The project started last 2011 and expected to be completed this on the 1st Quarter of 2013 since its actual implementation started only in Aril 2011.

            ♦ Highlights of Accomplishments for CY 2012 The Project on its second year of implementation involves the biophysical and socio-economic assessment, policy review and stakeholder analysis in San Juan, Batangas. The activities employed for the 1st quarter includes, the continuation of biophysical characterization per Barangay and conduct of briefing with LGU of San Juan, Batangas and Multi Sectoral Consultation Meeting with Stakeholders to carry out efficient implementation of the project and to address issues and concerns identified during the briefing/focused group discussion previously conducted.


⇒ Preparation of Work and Financial Plan (WFP) The RDEP 4 on Policy Options for Foreshore (FS) Area Management Work and Financial Plan (WFP) for CY 2012 was prepared and finalized for submission to ERDB for approval.

⇒ Briefing with LGU/Identification of Stakeholders A briefing cum Focus Group Discussion (FGD) about the Research study was formally conducted at the Municipality of San Juan, Batangas on January 11, 2012. The activity was attended by Hon. Mayor Rodolfo H. Manalo of San Juan, and his staff. Other participants were from the Office of the Governor of Batangas City, Municipal Engineer’s Office, Sangguniang Bayan members, Municipal Agriculture Office, ABC President and Liga ng Mga Barangay Secretary and Barangay Captains of the 16 coastal barangays in San Juan.


After the presentation of the project, Mayor Manalo raised some questions/inquiries on the following:

  •  Issuance of Foreshore Lease Agreements (FLA’s)
  • ·Waste water by resort operators
  •  Abandoned CBFMA/ISF area as source of illegal timber poaching
  •  Charcoal production in the upland areas
  •  Small Scale Mining
  •  Updated list of FLAs in San Juan, Batangas

The briefing was participated by 25 individuals composed of representatives from the 16 coastal barangays, LGUs, Local Tourism Office, DAR, BFAR, DA, Office of the Provincial Governor, MAO and DENR ERDS.

⇒ Consultative Meeting with Stakeholders To carry out efficient implementation of the project in San Juan, Batangas and to address issues and concerns identified during the briefing/focused group discussion conducted last January 11, 2012, the ERDS-DENR Region 4A facilitated the conduct of Multi-Sectoral Consultation Meeting with Stakeholders as requested by Mayor Rodolfo H. Manalo.


The activity started with a formal program at exactly 8:00 am for registration and opening program. The Rationale was provided by Dr. Lamberta N. Merana and the Opening Message was given by RTD for Lands, Francisco E. Milla, Jr.

The welcome remarks was delivered by Hon. Mayor Rodolfo H. Manalo. There were four (4) topics highlighted during the meeting, as follows:

  • Policy Options for Foreshore (FA) Area Management, project brief by Mr. Juan A. Ebora, National RDEP4 Project Leader, ERDB, College, Laguna
  • Rules and Regulations and Foreshore Lease Agreement, and Documentary Requirements by LMO Willard Estillore, CENRO Batangas City
  • Small scale Mining in San Juan, Batangas by Forester Luis A. Awitan, Department Head, PG-ENRO Batangas Detailed Accomplishments
  • VIPMC Framework Plan and Management Plan for Batangas by Forester Mildred Cepillo, PENRO Batangas

After the presentation, an open forum was initiated to address identified issues and concerns of the municipality and the Honorable Mayor was clarified of all his inquiries. The participant agencies likewise expressed their support to the on-going research undertaking by ERDS. The participants to the consultative meeting were composed of 50 representatives coming from the LGUs ( Municipal and Barangay), Resort Owners, 16 Barangay Captains of coastal barangays, Office of the Governor, Batangas, University of Batangas, PG-ENRO, Batangas, LMS/ERDS- DENR 4a, PENRO/CENRO Batangas City and ERDB.


⇒ Review of Existing Policies on Foreshore Management in the CALABARZON Region In the first quarter of this year, a series of meeting with RTDs, PENROs and CENROs and other concerned officials of the LMS/ LMB in the DENR CALABARZON was conducted. The purpose of the meetings was focused on the review of the existing DENR Policy: DAO 2004-24 “Revised Rules and Regulations Governing the Administration and Management of Foreshore Areas. The instruction to conduct the review of the existing policies on foreshore land management came from USEC Manuel D. Gerochi of the DENR. As an output of the said policy review, on March 7, 2012 the 54th Draft (For Discussion Purposes Only) was submitted to DENR entitled: Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report - DENR CALABARZON Region 179

DAO-2012 _____ SUBJECT: Comprehensive Guidelines on the Administration and Management of Foreshores Areas On May 9, 2012, the 14th Draft (For Discussion Purposes Only) came out entitled:

DAO 2012 _____ SUBJECT: Comprehensive Guidelines on the Administration and Management of Foreshore Areas and Salvage Zones The draft policy undergone series of discussions among higher officials in the DENR.

⇒ Conduct of Key Informants Interview (KII) Interview to Key Informants and other stakeholders was started in the first quarter of this year and is a continuing activity for the second quarter.

⇒ Validations of Sets of Policy Options Sets of policies were val idated using the prescribed matrix and inputs were solicited from the FAMU of LMS, Region 4A and FAMU from the C E N R O o f Batangas Ci ty. Included in the matrix are the laws/ policy issuances, particulars, issues and problems in the local foreshore setting, implications, and remarks. The a f o r eme n t i o n e d matrix is presented in Annex ____.

⇒ Agency In-House Review During the second quarter of this year, the highlights of accomplishments include the Agency In-House Review in the CALABARZON Region which was conducted in May 17, 2012 at the Conference Hall, DENR Region 4A. The project accomplishments from the start of implementation was presented to invited panel of discussants for PCARRD, ERDB, DENR Central Office and STARRDEC for inputs and comments.

⇒ Presentation of Outputs on the Review of Policies In August 16, 2012, a meeting cum briefing with Stakeholders of the project was conducted at the ABC Hall, Municipality of San Juan, Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report - DENR CALABARZON Region 180 Batangas with the purpose to present the output on the reviews of policies done in the region and national level in consonance to the series of reviews conducted in the locale with the project. Mr. Juan B. Ebora RDEP4 Project Leader served as the Resource Person who discussed the status of the project and provided updates on the review of policy in the national level. The Honorable Mayor and Vice Mayor of San Juan, Batangas were present during the briefing. For the 3rd and last quarter of the year, the activities were focused on the completion of Key Informants Interviews, Bio-physical Characterization and preparation of terminal report.