RDEP 7: Environmental Management and Pollution Control CY 2012


RDEP 7: Environmental Management and Pollution Control CY 2012

  • Project 5: Assessment of Ecological Waste Management (ESWM) with Emphasis on Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Strategies in Selected Municipality for Environmental Conservation and Protection

                 ♦ Preparation of Work and Financial Plan (WFP) The Work and Financial Plan (WFP) of RDEP7 for CY 2012 was prepared and finalized for submission to ERDB

                 ♦ Completion of Data Gathering

                    ⇒ Sta Rosa City, Laguna The completion of data gathering in the municipalities of Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Tayabas City, Quezon were conducted to assess efficiently the socio-economic perspectives of the implementation of Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report - DENR CALABARZON Region 184 MRF’s as a strategy for an effective and sustainable solid waste management.


In the data gathering conducted in Sta. Rosa City last year, the group who conducted the interviews with residents and key informants only covered 88 target respondents out of the total 99 respondents. There was a back log of 11 residents for interviews scheduled for the 1st quarter of this year 2012. Region 4A completed the interviews with eleven respondents in Barangay Tagapo, Sta. Rosa City last week of February 2012.

                     ⇒ Tayabas City, Quezon A total of 54 respondents were interviewed last March 26-30, 2012 in the different b a r a n g a y s i n Tayabas City to complete the total n u m b e r o f respondents to 115. Last year, out of the total 115 target respondents for City of Tayabas only 61 were accomplished having a backlog of 54 respondents.


               ♦ Attendance to the One (1) Week Capacitation on Data Processing and interpretation Using SPSS Software cum Writeshop On March 12- 16, 2012 ESWM Regional Study Leaders from Region 4A, NCR, Regions CAR and Region 2 attended the above activity at ERDB Conference Room facilitated by Forester Monette S. Santos and ESWM Staff and Resource Persons from ERDB. The resource persons were Dr. Leuvina Tandug for the SPSS Software, Dr. Carmela Taguiam who was assisted by Ms. Rowena Payuan for the actual application of the tool and Dr. Manny Bravo who provided some pointers in report writing and packaging of terminal report.