Clonal Nursery Operations and Maintenance CY 2012


The water supply has been improved and the existing facilities such as; misting chamber, recovery chamber and hardening area were enhanced through the installation of a more quality water sprinkler/accessories, water pipes, additional nylon nets were installed for the misting and recovery area and construction of additional seed/seedling beds. Though the procurement of electric transformer was not pushed-thru due to inadequate budget allocation, nursery equipment/ accessories were purchased to be used i n t h e f u l l operationalization of the clonal nursery. In addition, a total of 760 asexually propagated seedlings were produced composed of bani, malibato and white lauan and another 9,425 sexually propagated seedlings collected from the wild were likewise produced. For the year, ERDS through the TTID has a target of 350,000 quality planting materials/seedlings to produce in addition to the 457,000 seedlings of indigenous/ premium forest species including fruit trees to be produced by the PENROs. All of the above targets were 100% accomplished/produced/procured on time. In addition, a total of 100,000 potted seedlings were produced out of the savings generated from ERDS-NGP funds. Moreover, a total of 21 private forest nursery operators were accredited. List of the accredited nurseries is included herein as one of the annexes.