Soil Conservation and Watershed Management CY 2011


In the conservation and preservation of soil stability, fertility and in the management of watersheds, preparatory activities prior to area development or planting were conducted. A total of 44-hectares of stream-bank w ere surveyed, mapped and assessed regionwide. Contract awarding for rehabilitation or planting were selected thru bidding. For the year, the 44 hectares of stream banks were fully developed. A total of 35, 996 assorted forest tree species, with 500 fruit bearing trees, and 4, 116 bamboo cuttings were planted with different spacing based on the profile and situation on the grounds or area. The detailed locations and activities conducted were presented as Table III-17.



• Streambank Rehabilitation under the PDAP of Congressmen:

For CY 2011, CALABARZON Region was lucky enough to have another approved project for watershed and streambank rehabilitation with a total budget of 21M under the Priority Development Assistance Program (PDAP) of four (4) Congressmen from three (3) provinces of Laguna (10M), Quezon (8M), and Rizal (3M). The project aims to develop/rehabilitate total of 1,400 hectares of degraded watershed areas and strembanks. The approve project have a continuing funds up to year 2012.

-In the province of the Laguna — the projects were concentrated at the 4th district under the jurisdiction of Cong. Edgar San Luis. The province has a target of 665 hectares and should be planted with 333,500 seedling. The approved plan was concentrated only on the three (3) municipalities namely Pakil, Sta. Maria and Majayjay. However, upon consultation with the congressman, he requested that if possible include all the 16 municipalities of the 4th District for rehabilitation. This is for the reason that all these municipalities are within the four (4) watershed area of Laguna. The Balanac, Lewin Creek, San Antonio and Sta. Cruz watershed, hence the revision of plan. As of to date, a total of 106 hectares had already been developed in the municipalities os Magdalena (5), Sta. Cruz (35), Famy (6), Pangil (25) and Pagsanjan (35), and planted with a total of 150,000 seedlings of different forest tree species.

-For the Province of Quezon — the projects are under the jurisdiction of Cong. Mark Enverga of 1st District and Cong. Irvin M. Alcala of 2nd District. They have already been developed the year targets of 535 hectares and planted a total of 166,500 seedlings. The projects were concentrated to the 3 major critical watersheds, namely; (1) Agos Watershed (200), Janagdong Watershed (195), and Lagnas Watershed (140), and; 4 has. Streambank inTigkay & Kakawayan Area for Riverbank Rehabilitation Project at Brgy. Bolo, Catanauan, Quezon.

-In the Province of Rizal — the actual site rehabilitation activitie were not yet started, they are on the preparatory and site identifications only but they already accomplished theirr targets on seedling production of a total of 100,000. This is under Cong. Joey Roy Duavit of 1st District.