Land Surveys CY 2012


Cadastral Survey


Being the banner program for this year, Cadastral Survey activity with a budget of Php3.5 billion for the entire country took centerstage. The tedious task of the bidding process takes it toll to all Regional Technical Director for Lands. The manpower complement of the Regional Cadastral Survey Coordinating Office was intensified to satisfy the demands of the activity.

Unlike last year, wherein the program was all funded under the World Bank loan (NPS-ENRMP Fund), this year only two (2) municipalities covered by category B (political boundary) is funded by World Bank. The rest is under regular fund which comprises 7 (seven) municipalities under category C and five (5) under category A. In sum, the region has 14 (fourteen) municipalities undergoing cadastral survey with a total budget cost of 159 million.

For CY 2012, this region has Fourteen (14) Cadastral Survey Targets. Two (2) Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report Annual Report - - - - DENR CALABARZON Region 42 of which are under Category “B” (Political BoundarySurvey), namely the Municipality of Balete, Batangas and the City of Cavite; five (5) under Category “A” (Complete Cadastre), namely, the Municipalitiesof Maragondon, Cavite, Lian, Batangas, and Panukulan, Patnanungan, and Sampaloc in the Province of Quezon; and seven (7) under Category “C” (Lot Survey), namely, the Municipalities of Carmona and Dasmariñas in the Province of Cavite; Lumban and Majayjay in the Province of Laguna; San Pascualand San Juan in the Province of Batangas; and Quezon in the Province of Quezon.











Among the said targets, the two municipalities under Category “B” are enroll under the National Program Support to Environment and Natural Resources (NPS-ENRMP). The same were published for bidding inJanuary, 2012, however, Cavite City resulted to a failure of Bidding as the bidder who submitted the bid proposal was evaluated to be ineligible by the Regional Bids and Awards Committee (RBAC). The same was re-biddedin March, 2012 and both were submitted to the Foreign Assisted and Special Projects Office (FASPO) for evaluation and issuance of the No Objection Letter (NOL) by the World Bank prior to the awarding of the project. Subsequently, the NOL was issued in June 22, 2012, and the project was awarded and issued the Notice to Proceed in the same month. As to the twelve (12) Municipalities which are under the regular fund, these were published for bidding in March, 2012. Out of these 12 municipalities, 8 were awarded in May, 2012 while 4 municipalities were re-bidded in June, 2012 due to failure of bidding. In July, 2012, three (3) out of the four (4) re-bidded municipalities were awarded while the other 1 again had a failure of bidding, which is the Municipality of Sampaloc, Quezon. With the two (2) failed biddings for the said Municipality, this office subjected the same to negotiated bidding, pursuant to Section53 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 9184, but the clearance to award was not granted by the Secretary per memorandum dated Sept. 20, 2012 of the Undersecretary for Staff Bureau, Atty. Ernesto D. Adobo. The same was again re-bidded on November 13, 2012, and was awarded to the lone and responsive bidder in December, 2012. 

At present, the field work activities of 13 municipalities is still ongoing while the survey returns of the Municipality of Balete, Batangas, under Category “B”, was already submitted for evaluation by this office. Also, two Municipalities namely, Lian, Batangas and Quezon, Quezon have submitted the partial accomplishment, which are all undergoing office verification by this office. Please refer to table 2 for the individual status of these 14 municipalities.

Philippine Reference System of 1992 (PRS ’92)

The Field Network Survey Party has a target of one thousand four hundred twenty one (1421) Third and Fourth Order Geodetic Control Points to be densified in the Province of Quezon, Batangas, Laguna and Cavite with an allocated budget of Fourteen Million Two Hundred Twelve Thousand Pesos (Php14,212,000.00).

In the middle part of January 2012, Job Orders and Budget Estimates for the densification activity to be undertaken by contractwere approved. Biddings procedures in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulation of RA9184 were conducted in the middle part of February until the middle part of March 2012. To date contracts were already awardedto the winning bidders/consultants for the target Provinces.

The Consultants are currently recovering old cadastral monuments activity. Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report Annual Report - - - - DENR CALABARZON Region 43 Geodetic Network Scheme shall be prepared based on the result of said recovery activity. Monitoring shall be conducted by the office to see to it that the contractors comply with the Terms of Reference of the contract. 

Public Land Survey (CARP 158)

Under the Public Land Survey Activity, the Region’starget was 6,145.00 hectares with a corresponding accomplishment of 100% equivalent to 6,148.9691 hectares submitted to the region office for verification and approval. It has an approved area of 38% or 2,344.2174 hectares out of the submitted survey returns. The rest are still undergoing verification at the Surveys Division.

For Inspection, Verification and Approval of Surveys (IVAS), the Region’s target was 7,597.00 hectares. What was accomplished, however, was 6,272.5899 hectares or 83% of the annual target. It can be noted here that the IVAS activity is dependent on the submitted survey returns from the Department of Land Reform (DLR) wherein the conductof survey is based on contracts/modules which the agency had contracted.