Land Records Management CY 2012


 Land Administration and Management System


Pursuant to D E N R Administrative Order No. 2010-18 dated 23 June 2010 Re: improving management of Land Information through the adoption of Land Administration and management System (LAMS), the computerization of land records commenced. The objective is to complete the data build-up or theconversion of the existing DENR land records is to digital data base in order to fully operationalize LAMS nationwide. 

Subsequent issuances and directives were issued to implement LAMS like the Lands Memorandum Circular No. 2012-01 dated May 29,2012 Re: Guidelines prescribing the installation of LAMS and preparation of records for data capture and lams operationalization. The said circular governs the regulations and procedures in the preparation of public land and survey records for the implementation of the LAMS which is a priority project of the DENR Land Sector for the next three (3) years.

The Department now, aims for the improvement of the Land Management Records. Finally, the plea of the Records Officers was heard. They never stop to find/innovate ways to protect all documents under their care because in this particular job, one carries not only his name on the line but also the agency he is representing. 


At present our department, together with the aid of its foreign counterparts, is formulating and establishing ways to create a system that could handle the bulk Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report Annual Report - - - - DENR CALABARZON Region 44 of Land Records. First, the Implementation/adoption of LAMS wherein briefing, orientation and training were conducted with the participation of the following (5) personnel from the Regional Office, (a 100% on its target) and during the re -echo (16) personnel came from the PENR Offices and(70) personnel from the CENR Offices, giving 200% and 175% compliance. During LAMS Lite installation, Testing and Maintenance, all concerned personnel (5 personnel from PENR and 10 from CENR Offices) were briefed and the systems were successfully installed, which is 100% compliance ofthe said activity. With the support funding from the central office, the following have been accomplished for the year:

         • 234,061 survey records, patents documents inventoried, sorted and arranged by province/municipality;

         • 24,009 data were encoded (2,400 plan informations, 13,211 of LDCs, and 8,398 patents;

         • 10,873 of isolated survey returns and patents were scanned;

         • 4,500 maps georeferenced;

         • 150 maps/plans were reconstituted; and

         • 1,500 of lot data computation/description sheets were reconstructed; 



Administrative Order No. 
2010-18 dated 23 June 
2 0 1 0 R e : i m p r o v i n g 
management of Land 
Information through the 
a d o p t i o n o f L a n d 
A d m i n i s t r a t i o n a n d 
m a n a g e m e n t S y s t e m 
(LAMS), the computerization 
of land records commenced. 
The objective is to complete 
the data build-up or the 
conversion of the existing 
DENR land records is to digital data base in order to fully operationalize LAMS