Central Office Based Fund Activities CY 2012


Hacienda de Calatagan

Various committees were also formed to address zealously the land problems or high profile cases in the various provinces of the region. Pursuant to Special Order No. 079-2009, the Calatagan Technical Working Committee was created to implement and execute the 20-year old Supreme Court decision on Hacienda de Calatagan, which ordered the reversion to the mass of public domain such properties covered by TCT No.722. The Calatagan Technical Committee is the core group charged with the updating of land titles within the Hacienda Calatagan found to be outside the coverage of TCT No. 722.

To date, the TWG was able to research 58 titles and met 12% of its annual target of five hundred (500) affected titles. The low accomplishment could be attributed to the reluctance of the Accessors Office and ROD to cooperate wth the DENR. One hundred fifty nine (159) titles were plotted and projected or 80% of its annual target of two hundred (200) titles. One (1) or 20% of its annual target of titles filed for annulment and reversion case were submitted to the RTC, Branch 10, Balayan, Batangas for cancellation. 


Mapping of Foreshore Areas

Management of Foreshore area is one of the major component of Land Administration and Management Program of the DENR. It is the vital cog in the National Framework and sources of revenues for the government. However, improper utilization, valuation and lack of Database System in foreshore areas are matters that must be addressed with urgency. This Detailed Accomplishments and/or Milestones CY 2012 Annual Report Annual Report - - - - DENR CALABARZON Region 45 problem can be attributed to lack of technical competence of personnel involved, lack of monitoring and data base management system which continue to threaten the efficient and effective implementation of the management of foreshore areas.

To remedy the situation, the DENR Central Office initiates and maximizes all efforts to address this threatening problem, by releasing an initial amount of one million (P1,000,000.00) pesos to conduct mapping of all foreshore areas. For CY 2012 considerable changes have been achieved. Revenue collection and awareness of DENR personnel and the public were increased.

For the year, the Regional Office processed (12) applications equivalent to 100% all of which were endorsed to LMB for further verification and possible approval of Leases and 26 applications were processed at theprovincial level a total of 38 applications. FAMIS on the other hand, maintains to date total of (40) applications.

As of this date (4) applications were processed with draft deeds/lease of contracts endorsed to Land Management Bureau for the Management of Patrimonial Properties and 21 applications were processed from the province. 


Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Global warming which brought about climate change has greatly affected the performance of the sector in the accomplishment of targets specially on land surveys. Bad weather conditions hamper field survey activities. This, in turn, is reflected on the low output relative to the accomplishment of Public Land Survey.

However, strategies and action plans have been formulated to expedite field activities during off season. The areas to be surveyed were classified according to their terrains. Those areas which were less susceptible to heavy rains, flooding and landslides were identified for purposes of survey.

P h o t o s 


Land Management Sector Consultative Meeting - January 31, 2012



Land Sector Conference , February 22, 2012, ORED Conference Room



                                                                  February 23-24, 2012, Island Cove Leisure Park and Resort, Kawit, Cavite
                                                     Participants: Municipal Assessors and Municipal Planning Officers of Alfonso, Amadeo,
                                                     Silang, Maragondon, Magallanes, Indang, Carmona, all in the Province of Cavite


                                                         March 8-9, 2012 - Graceland Estates and Country Club, Tayabas, Quezon
                                                         Participants: Municipal Assessors and Municipal Planning Officers of Real,
                                                         Burdeos, Agdangan, Unisan, Patnangonan, Jomalig, Pagbilao, Infanta, Gen.
                                                         Nakar, Panukulan, Tiaong, Candelaria, Dolores, San Antonio, Padre Burgos, and
                                                         Polillo, all in the Province of Quezon (1st Batch)


Mass acceptance of residential free patent applications in Mabini, Batangas

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DENR Region 4-A distributed residential free patents to residents of Mabini, Batangas, Ambassador Donald Steinberg, the Deputy Administrator of USAid grace the occasion.

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Coordination and Monitoring Activities in Tanay, Rizal



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Monitoring at Pagsanjan, Laguna


Some of the recovered monuments of R.O. Vasquez which was established by NAMRIA




Meeting with the Officials of World Bank regarding LAMS-ISG together with Asec Roberto Oliva, LMB Officials and Regional LAMS Core Group



                                       Monitoring activities at Calauan, Laguna, with the Monitoring Team of the Land Management Bureau,
                                   the Chief, Regional Surveys Division, the Asst. Coordinator, RCPCO, and the staff of CERTEZA Infosys Corp.