GOOD GOVERNANCE (Anti-Corruption Program) CY 2011



The following activities were conducted in support to the “Reporma Tungo sa Matuwid na Daan” Program of Pres. Benigno S. Aquino, III:


  In active pursuit of reforms against illegal transactions within the government, RED Tamoria issued a memorandum dated August 4, 2011 to all DENR Region IV-A personnel, RTD’s and Division Chiefs, PENRO’s and CENRO’s, and Administrative Officers entitled “Beware of Any Illegal Office Transactions and Illegal Activities/Undertakings in Dealing with DENR Clienteles. Also, a Memorandum was issued to effect the Program on the observance of Government Office Hours  by strengthening  internal monitoring of Office attendance  of all officials and employees.





►  In order to maximize time, effort and money, a Leadership Training was incorporated during the 2nd Regional Management Conference held last June 15-18, 2011 in Pontefino Hotel and Residences, Batangas City. A total of 44 DENR officials and staffs were trained/equipped on The Secrets of Transformational Leadership, with Mr. Cesar Castillo of Expectant Mind Consulting Solutions as the Resource Speaker. Among the important topics that were taught/discussed include: Difference between Leadership and Management, The Five (5) Levels of Leadership, Self-Leadership, How Leaders are Created, and Practicing Active Listening Skills.




► An Anti-Corruption Plan and Statement was consolidated and submitted to the DENR central office. Some of the prepared slogans were the following: “The Accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference”; “Mataas na Prinsipyo, Mahusay na Serbisyo, Di Nakukurap”; and “Dito sa DENR Laguna, Serbisyong Publiko and UNA”.


 This Office has facilitated the conversion of “hot logs” to good use. The confiscated logs and lumber with a total volume of 82,165.84 board feet  were manufactured into armchairs and fabricated desk for donations to Department of Education were in around 50 primary and secondary schools were benefited.





  To further prevent opportunities for officials and rank-and-file employees to commit corruption, a total of 67 Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV ) are continuously operating in regional and field offices;





►  Several trainings were conducted in order to capacitate the DENR personnel up to the field level. Table III-37 provides the detailed list of training conducted for DENR Region IV-A officials and rank-and-file employees. Also, seven (7) employees were endorsed and granted local and international scholarships and trainings.





►  For transparency and to facilitate delivery of public services,  Citizen Charter Frontline Services were posted  in strategic areas at the regional and field offices


—  Citizen Charter Processes Nos. 1 and 2: Application for Free Patent under LMS


—  Citizen Charter Procecss No. 3: Issuance of Certificate of Verification


—  Citizen Charter Process No.4: Issuance of Verification (Cutting/Transport of non-wood Forest Products within Private Land;


—  Citizen Charter Process No.5: Issuance of Verification Cutting and Transport of Planted and Non-Premium Trees within Private Land, etc. under FMS


—  Citizen Charter Process No. 7: Application of Certificate of Registration (CWR); and


—  Citizen Charter Process No. 8: Issuance of Local Transport Permit




In further improvement of the quality of service being provided by DENR Region IV-A to its clienteles, the following activities were also undertaken:

  • Office clean-up in PENRO Quezon last April and every last Friday of the month in CENRO Batangas City
  • Implementation of Clean and Orderly Day every last Friday of the month in order to foster a healthy and environment-friendly workplace as per instruction of the Secretary. Likewise, all records of the regional office were segregated and properly filed in the Central Records Room in accordance with Memorandum Circular No. 2010-16 re: Implementation of the Approved Records Retention and disposal Schedule
  • Fitness program and sports activities in region and field offices  


  • Proper Waste Segregation being practiced regionwide


  • Establishment of Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) in regional and field offices to serve as depository and transfer station of all segregated waste of the office. Likewise, a “No Styropor policy is being implemented during any occasions or DENR events, even outside of the office.


  • Monitoring the construction of different Regional Office Infrastructure Projects such as:
    • Completion of LMS Records Building at Barangay Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna
    • Construction and completion of PENRO/CENRO Antipolo Office Building
    • Construction and completion of CENRO Real Office Building
    • Construction and completion of CENRO Catanauan Office Building
    • Initial construction of CENRO Calaca Office Building.


  • Conducted a regular Monday morning program convocation where updates and other relevant information were announced and discussed by the Sectors concerned. Likewise, the Regional Executive Director is delivering its message to all employees and at the same time direct the office for the whole week.


  • As part of serving the DENR clienteles and personnel pertaining to legal matters, the following were accomplished:
        • 24 final draft of resolutions/orders/decisions w ere prepared
        • 52 interlocutory orders were prepared
        • 24 legal opinions and 200 cases were review ed and evaluated for DENR Region IV-A officials